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Interested in sending us your product or a whole package for editorial attention? Or maybe you want to collaborate by organizing a contest? Sending honest, sustainable and vegan products is always free of obligation. The Chick Pea's Cuisine cannot guarantee a publication. Every product send will always be judged fairly before even considering a collaboration. To request address details, please send an email to contact@therevitalizedchickpea.com and attached information about your company/business, plus explain why you want to collaborate with us.


Do you want to advertise on The Chick Pea's Cuisine? Send an email to contact@therevitalizedchickpea.com and hear back from us within 2 business days to see what is possible.


Thinking of collaborating with The Chick Pea's Cuisine? Please send an email to contact@therevitalizedchickpea.com or fill in the contact page above, and find out what is possible. Who knows what the future might bring once we join forces together :)!

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