• Michelle Braakhuis


Forget about the caramel sauces you can find in many stores.

This easy recipe without any extra crap, will proof that it doesn’t take 1 kg of refined sugar to add a little sweetness to your meal.

Mix it with your yoghurt in the morning. Make caramel-chocolate fudges.

Enjoy banana cinnamon rolls filled with caramel sauce, add it to your favourite ice cream.

Or just grab a spoon and turn on Netflix.

Whatever you do, do it good. Fresh medjool dates are the only ingredients you need.

I can promise you date 🍯


  • 25 medjool dates, pitted

  • boiled water

  • pinch of salt or vanilla extract, optional

extra needed: food processor, measuring spoons, knives, cutting board, jar serves: multiple servings


Add the dates to a food processor. Pulse and add 1-2 tablespoons hot water.

Turn on the food processor, start low and slowly mixing until small bits remain. Scrape down sides once or twice.

Start blending on a higher speed, and add extra hot water if the mixture remains lumpy. Add extra flavour if desired.

Store in a mason jar or airtight container, and refrigerate for 1-2 weeks.

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