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Move over endive, kale and spinach.

There is a new mashed potato dish in town and it is made with a Chinese white cabbage that goes by the name of paksoi.

Combined with sweet potatoes, coconut milk, peanuts and a spoon full of spicy Indian curry, this is an easy prepared and simple recipe for two. Enjoy!


  • 250 gram of sweet potatoes, cut in cubes

  • 20 gram unsalted cashews and peanuts

  • 50 ml coconut milk

  • 1 paksoi

  • 1 red bell pepper

  • 1 spring onion

  • 1 tbsp Indian madras curry paste chili flakes and pepper to taste

extra needed: baking pan, vegetable oil, small saucepan, potato masher serves: 2-4 portions


Cut the sweet potatoes in small cubes and cook them for about 20 minutes in a large bowl of water.

In the meantime, dry roast the unsalted peanuts and cashews in a dry baking pan.

Make sure to keep on eye on them, you do not want them to burn.

Chop the paprika into pieces and cut the spring onions in small rings.

Clean the paksoi and cut it into thin strips.

Heat a bit of vegetable oil in a medium baking pan, add in the Indian madras curry paste and cook for about a minute.

Add the chopped paprika pieces and wait another two minutes before adding the spring onion. Cook for two minutes and then turn off the heat.

Pour the coconut milk in a small pan and warm it up over low heat. Do not cook it.

When your potatoes are done cooking, rinse it and let it sit for a minute before you pour over the warm coconut milk.

Using a potato masher, thoroughly mix the sweet potatoes and the coconut milk. When it is all mixed, add in the paprika mixture and the paksoi.

Top it off with a bit of chili flakes and pepper to taste and mix it all together using a spoon. Finally put the roasted cashews and peanuts on top. Serve warm.

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