• Michelle Braakhuis


I think it’s about 2 years since the first day I started cooking with sweet potato.

And baking. And roasting.

And after eating the sweet potato combi a bit too much for dinner, I tried other ways to eat this rich iron in and vitamins cracker during the day.

I’ve been eating sweet potato in the morning for a while now, mostly every Sunday morning before my boxing training. It’s easy but filling and it gives me tons of energy.

Combined with a few slices of banana and some nut butter, and my energizer breakfast is done! try it, it’s really good.


  • 2 big / 4 small sweet potatoes

  • pinch of salt

  • rapeseed oil or olive oil

Serves: 2 persons Extra needed: oven, thin foil and baking dish


Preheat the oven to 200℃/400℉.

Clean the sweet potatoes with water and remove any residual dirt of the skin.

Prick the potatoes with a fork for 8-10 times and sprinkle with a little bit of oil and salt.

Wrap the potatoes in tin foil. Place them in a baking dish and roast the potatoes for about 45 minutes, until they are soft and cooked.

Top off with a spoon of peanut butter and some nuts.

Or even better; cashew paste or almond paste.

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